Awesome NDVI Map by Aerial Media Pros

@aerialmediapros made an awesome map using their modified NDVI Inspire camera today using DroneDeploy. I included two screenshots and you can view the publicly shared link here.


How much did you pay to have your camera modified? I haven’t been able to reach them on the phone. Thanks.

I believe the AerialMediPros NDVI camera is $1,200 for Inspire. Plus import tax if you are overseas.

They actually sell the camera on EBay already converted.

That map looks great Chase. I have a potential customer in the precision AG industry that is looking for a way to incorporate aerial imagery into precision AG. How useful is the NDVI imagery as is for this application and what would need to be done to the images to make them able to be downloaded in spray rigs for precision chemical application? Is there are way to determine disease or pest infestation or measure the nitrogen in corn? They had looked at IR for the nitrogen measurement but I am interested to know if the NDVI or it’s variations can fulfill this need. Also, how quickly can these maps be completed and ready for export? I know that the UAV sold by DD can do it in the field but can I complete full mapping offline in the field with a Matrice? Is there a Drone Deploy subscription that would allow me to define various zones in a given field to modify spray applications?

You could send your cam to be modified by…roughly $700 cdn for the permanent mod

Is it normal to have negative values? I mean the highest NDVI I can see in your map is 0.03, NDVI index shouldn’t be between 0 and 1? Look at my map, same camera (X3 modified) all values are negativeImage01 DD_INI_NIR

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@renandp11 Hello! I would suggest playing around with the slider (pull it all the way to the right and all the way to the left) it should update. Usually, it takes a little nudge to have it working. Thanks!