DJI inspire 1 with NIR modified camera from UAV-Direct/IR Pro

I am just now adding missions previously flown to the beta map engine app. First mission uploaded pics just fine but 2nd mission kept timing out. 2 days later (17-August), missions loaded just fine. The last two uploads are with modified NIR camera blu22 from UAV Direct/IR Pro. I would like to produce NDVi maps from these but it sounds like I would have to have Ndvi turned on??
Also, are there specific settings required for this modified camera to make it all work? I have experimented with Pix4D and had lots of camera setting issues because the camera is modified lens and doesn’t show up as any standard model listed. Thank you.
Follow up to above… Still processing two flights for 8-12 hrs. First one has 43 pics, second has 325 pics. They are both NIR. Is there a problem or should it take this long?

Send me an email to with your DroneDeploy registered email address, and I’ll enable the NDVI processing for you.

The jobs really shouldn’t be taking that long at all to process - please include in the above email the URL’s to those maps, and I’ll check what’s happening on the back end.

I have found that the modified camera’s FOV is much different, the normal overlap settings do not work for stitching. I am experimenting with different settings but the rain is slowing me down. Also you need to use manual camera settings in the Drone Deploy app, what i do is open the DJI GO app and fly up the desired altitude take a picture straight down, lock the camera settings, land the inspire, close DJI GO app, open DD, then select manual camera settings. This has given me good images just need to figure out the overlap problem.

I see Aerial Media Pros created a great map it would be nice if either them or UAV-Direct created a nice how to with DroneDeploy. From start to the Tractor type video. If I get the settings right I will be happy to put a video together.