Inspire Issue in Flight

Hi all.

I took the Inspire back to the place I flew recently to fly again as last time I flew too low (if 150ft is considered low) to get a good stitch of images, even though the images themselves were spot on.

I set it off on a larger map at the height of 246ft and all seemed to be going well. Then when it went overhead the start point, for some reason it started almost bucking while in flight. Would be a second of normal flight followed by a second of nose down, as if trying to speed up. It continued on with the flight along the path it should take, but it was all over the place with this bucking to and fro.

Soon after, I noticed on the screen that it had greyed out and I had the message ‘Re-establishing Connection’. I took a screenshot if it helps at

I was tempted to take over the craft as it wasn’t looking good and I didn’t want it flying off anywhere, but decided against it in case that made things worse.

It came in to land at precisely the spot it should land at.

On checking the images, it appears that the drone stopped taking them when overhead the start point but continue on its stuttering journey. You can see the result from the image here which shows all uploaded images stitched together and the logged flight next to it so clearly it stopped taking images when the jolting began.

Is this something that has been covered before?

All comments welcomed.

It sounds like something went wrong in the aircraft autopilot. This seems more likely since images stopped capturing as well. Have you flown any missions since? I’d be interested to know if it happened again. We don’t have much visibility into what is happening inside the aircraft so it’s difficult to say. Maybe it would be interesting to load the logs onto something like to see if there is anything weird.

Thanks Chase.

I didn’t dare switch to manual flying just in case. But after it landed automatically (it finished the route, just no more images) I switched back to normal flight and everything was fine.

I would hate to be on a job thinking everything was fine only to find out it did not capture the images. I can’t see how it managed to know the route, but would kangaroo jump along the way for some reason.