Camera not initializing

Summary of Issue:
Multiple problems, starts with camera /image capture not initialising so no images taken. Then takes off and just hovers. 2nd flight it was fine then just STOPPED mid flight after 29 images taken and 400ft up. then restarted flight, flew first battery fine and taking images, 2nd battery change fine, 3rd battery change it wouldnt initialise camera or take off. Seriously worried about these issues as im starting large contract and today has been a total waste and write off!
Date Issue Began:
Drone Model:
inspire 1
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
tried both nexus tablet and samsung s8+

Hi @altitude58,

Thank you for your inquiry. I’ve listed your concerns below, and we’ll try to cover the basics first.

  1. No images were taken -
    I was able to check your flight logs and saw that we received an error when trying to take a test photo during the checklist. Could you confirm that you are using a class 10 memory card? We also recommend formatting the memory with the DJI Go app.

  2. Inspire hovers during flight -
    We see this issue when the GPS signal is very low. The DJI SDK has a failsafe to hover when it runs into the scenario for safety reasons. I did check some of your flight logs where I saw a weak GPS signal.
    Do you run into this issue anywhere or only specific area?

  3. Inspire not taken off on 3rd battery swap -
    Do you have the time and date of when this issue occurred? I can then look at the logs to see why your Inspire was not taking off.

Hey Nipul,

Thanks for getting back to me. I changed the SD card to a u3 and wiped the tablet to just install DD and DJI GO. Have flown successful flights today! But i need your help with something. I flew the same mission that i flew 2 years ago. But the image capture is a HUGE difference in number of images. I have gone into the previous mission but can not find the settings for what the previous overlap etc were. Can you find this out for me as its take x3 /x4 amount more this time and I dont think i need it. Otherwise could you look at todays mission and see what overlaps i could use as i think the set 65/75 is high)


Hi @altitude58,

I’m glad to hear that you had successful flights!

I can recommend copying your original flight which should give you the same settings.
You could send me the name of the old and new mission, and I can also take a look into both.