Import AutoCAD dwg in Drone Deploy

I have another question about adding datasets to Drone Deploy (DD). We work a lot with AutoCAD (dwg) files that we would like to add to DD as a dataset. We do this by creating a Shape file and uploading it, which works but is somewhat limited: the line styles and colors are not included, which can be somewhat overcome by importing the different line types / classes as a separate shape and here to assign a display color in DD… Unfortunately there are only a few colors available and no line / symbol types, see screenshot. Is it possible to do something about this in DD (adding green-red-blue and dashed linetype)? I know the option to upload a PDF, but it is not sufficient.


+1. DXF Linework Import is long overdue and SHP import needs to go the way of the dodo except for those that primarily use that format but I do see signs of recent improvements that are heading that way. There’s a lot on their plates for sure.

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