Add in 3d models to an existing map/model

I’ve read posts a few years old about adding 3D models to an existing map for construction purposes. The client was asked to import to Sketchup. My question is, does DD have interest in being able to incorporate simple 3D models to overlay on an existing map? If not, what is the best 3rd party software that you can import DD data to?


Hi JG! I think the functionality you might be talking about is for earthworks analysis. You can bring in a DXF or SHP surface to compare against drone surfaces to track changes in dirt work. This is a good feature request particularly for simple conceptual models as you suggested. +1 here!

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Thats a good scenario for earthworks, there is another variation where the to be built building needs to be added into a current map/model.

My point exactly. Fly the drone, simple mock-up in SketchUp and show it off to the client. I would envision an API to link directly to SketchUp so that changes made there are automatically sync’d. Positional changes would be a bit tough but from a cosmetics standpoint that should be pretty simple. I mean Civil 3D, Revit and Navisworks is great but sometimes you just don’t need all that.