Adding planar features in DD


It would be great if there were some way to add a plane within DroneDeploy. This could be done in the 3d model or even in the orthomosaic and elevation views, if you could add a plan at a select elevation you would be able to see how much land is above that plane and then work out volume calculations for cut and fill type earthworks works.


I export the 3D model OBJ file to Rhino and do this. Many other external tools can do this also. Have you considered this option?



I agree and I believe it is on the books, but probably not one of the hot ticket items. Doing volume progression from an arbitrary source takes something like Rhino or Civil Engineering CAD to do correctly. Just to make sure I get you straight… You want to be able to set a plane at say, 500’ for say, a building pad and be able to calculate volumes to achieve. Sounds like estimating software to me… What’s your use-case?