How to put gimball at 33 or 45 to take wall

Hello first of all (sorry for m’y english :wink: ) i recently try dronedeploy. Its a great app :slight_smile: i try to make a orthophoto the result are beautifull. But i what to put it in Agisoft Photoscan for 3d modeling the result are good but vertical wall don’t look good. There are a way to ru. The mission with a fixe gimbal angle like 33d or 45d to play the mission again.If it can take 2 photos 1 at 0d and the other at 33 or 45d i thing the result Will be better with Agisoft. Thx for this app!

hi @wildcatquebec - the DD app does not yet have the option to do oblique images, but we have a recommended process for this using the DJI POI tool here: