Adjusted camera angle on a second lower altitude flight


First of all many thanks for a great product and overall good feedback, support and progress

My feature request is concerning 3D models and the details

Would it be possible to add a second mission of the same area in a lower altitude with the camera at a 45 degree angle (or what would be the best calculated angle) to improve the details of the 3D Model?


This is another feature that is currently being worked on.


Any idea when the feature of different camera angles and altitude will be introduced into the software?

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Not with DD App mission but …
I used DJI Go POI for circling a castle.
I took manually many pictures at 3 different angles.
Uploaded in the Map Engine web menu.
The result is really interesting and detailed
Should really be an App improvement

Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking to add better support to take oblique photos within our app. Keep an eye out for this in the future.

You can check it here.

Just have to clean some mud in it …

That’s a nice 3D model :smile:

Any Idea when you will release the update for oblique and camera angle, this is very much need addition to be able to generate 3D without taking multiple stills and patching them in… Soon I hope …

How much further in the future can we expect this feature.

I am doing this now. Just select add pictures and add them in. I’ve never had a problem doing this. But only been a member for a short time.

Hey Chase,

Can we have an update on this functionality. It is crucial for us as many of our maps have raised structures that don’t resolve correctly only using Nadir photos.

We still have this on our roadmap but so far haven’t reached it.

I don’t understand why this is such a hard feature to implement? At a minimum just allow us to fly the route with the camera tilted.

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