Fly plan setup question about angle

Hi, if I create a flight plan for a area it is impossible to set an angle. the drone flies with a vertical camera view. My Question: It is possible to set a different angle so that the camera can record oblique images? I want to create a 3d model of a larger area, not a single building.

I read this article:

There ist written there is a new feature in DroneDeploy “orbital flight mode”. But with this function I can only fly in a circle and not and not on the same flight as in the map plan of the nadir photos.

can anybody help me please?

You can change the Flight Direction in the app if that is what you are asking.
You cannot change the camera angle in the app.
You can always use the POI feature in the DJI GO app to do orbits with more features. Or if it is a large area, you cn fly manually sideways with the camera at an oblique angle to get more side features.

Use DJI’s Ground Station Pro or Hangar’s AutoPilot to to Orbits. Then upload the data to DroneDeploy.

Welcome to the club of people completely miffed by the lack of an optional gimbal angle override setting. It’s been a big hole in the features of DD for a LONG TIME.

Gary: Try fly manually for obliques when doing a 150 acre area for a topographic survey and let me know how that works out for you. (LOL)

DempseyCreekKid: Those two apps are for iOS. Some of us don’t choose to live in the Apple World.

I’m a project manager and no longer a pilot but when we were testing apps a long time ago, I believe DJI Ultimate Flight was an Android app that alllowed you to fly crop-duster patterns with the gimbal at an angle. However, I believe you had to manually drop all the waypoints instead of specifying the area and letting the app calculate the flight paths. Plus it’s a less updates not as well-known or supported app compared to the rest.

Does the Pix4D Mapper App support oblique missions that are not orbitals? I thought I read it’s even more glitchy than DD though.

I second that. You’re right, Pix4D does offer manual camera angle setting. But you’re also right that it is even glitchier than DD. I had a few incidences where I flew a full survey just to come home with a blank card. This made me more than reluctant to use PiX4D.

DD, please give us a gimbal angle setting. It cannot be that hard to implement!

If you like Desktop planning and a Android user look at UGCS mission planning application.

There will be an app within the app market very soon that allows these more advanced settings. V1 should have the gimbal angle that you want and in future versions it will have some additional advanced settings that are used by a smaller percentage of users.

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Here’s the app that let’s you fly a double grid with your own choice of gimbal angle: