Why No Gimbal Angle Setting? STILL?

We love DroneDeploy, but we are starting to do topographic survey jobs of large areas with associated 3D models. We are completely BAFFLED why there is no gimbal angle setting in DD. On large land topos, the orbits aren’t useful as we aren’t mapping buildings or a single object like a lighthouse. Before getting into drones, I wrote software for a living. I believe other competing apps like Pix4D and DJI Ground Station have this setting. In searching for forums I see a post from DD mentioning all the way back in February that it was on the roadmap and would be coming out soon. Here we are in October and still not setting. I can’t believe is would be that difficult or time consuming to add a gimbal angle override on mission settings? What’s the hold up?


Absolutely need this. At present I have to fly any obliques for 3D models using Autopilot or Ground Station. It really breaks up my workflow.

Hi @consultant and @mattell ,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. While we don’t have any news to share on whether or not this feature will be implemented in DroneDeploy, we appreciate your feedback and I have shared it with my team.


So has it been removed from the roadmap altogether? @Christina

Hi @mattell,

To my knowledge it is not on the roadmap but updates will be shared if this changes.


The OP from @consultant mentioned there was a DD post from Feb which had it on the road map. @Christina

From a coding standpoint this has to be SO easy. If it’s not on the roadmap, I’d LOVE to hear a technical explanation as to why not?

Some additional controls to help users obtain imagery for 3D models are being worked on and are in beta right now. These modes help with obtaining oblique photos. As for an additional option for users to specify the gimbal angle, I believe this isn’t the ideal way to approach it. This adds another setting which users will have to understand how to use. IMO users want to specify what they want a 3d model or map of and the app helps figure out the best way to do that. It is likely though that some more advanced controls such as gimbal angle, etc. could be added in as something in the app market.

100% agree.
Using Android, Drone deploy is clearly the superior app however the lack of oblique options truly is a disappointment.

I disagree that adding a gimbal angle setting isn’t the best way to approach it. The main reason is that the app doesn’t know accurately if the horizon is in the photo or not. For best results you need to fly to the altitude you will be doing the oblique mission and, and adjust the gimbal angle until you can’t see the horizon. There could be other situations you want manual control over the gimbal angle too. It’s quite common in software decide to use things that are called DEFAULT SETTINGS. You can easily add a gimbal angle override option. That way you keep things simple for the users that want the app to think for them, and you give the flexibility to those that what to use their brain a little more.

Hi all,

We’ve added a new app that might help you out. “Auto Flight Modes” It includes a crosshatch grid flight mode where you can set the gimbal angle.

It’s an early beta, but should work well for capturing oblique images with a preset gimbal angle in addition to your standard nadir pattern over a large area. Defaults to 50% overlap and sidelap as image density is effectively doubled. You can bump that up in advanced settings if you like.





Wow! This is good news.
Need to add “inside mode” as in DJI GS Pro. And drone deploy will be the best app.

i’ve tested this crosshatch with gimble angle to 65 and it always stays on 90. Doesn’t seem to work. the crosshatch works tho.

anyone else got it to work?

Crosshatch is working fine for me and additionally you can kill the mission halfway through if you don’t need crosshatch, but still want an oblique map.

OS version?

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P4, iPad 4 latest OS,

When i edit the mission and enter 65 or 45 angle on this app, and go out - and go back to that plan, the cross hatch has always cleared on the app setting but it still in advanced settings. So the angle is lost somehow.

this occurs on chrome desktop on a windows laptop as well.

does yours work with the gimble angle? the cross hatch feature works fine… it’s the angle i’m after to get a better look a the sides of the trees to fill it in.


edit to be clear i’m talking about this app:
Auto Flight Modes (DD Labs) - Field, Terrain, Structures, Crosshatch

Gotcha. I have noticed the same thing and have to re-enable the flight mode before I fly, but it works. Sounds like yours is not enabling the gimbal angle at all? Could you please email support describing the behaviour and I will speak with them as well.

ok shall do. i am trialling this software but i’m sure i can still email support.

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