How to deal with mavic 2 pro Flight / DD App anomalies

I have been flying the free version of drone deploy with a Mavic 2 Pro for a while on a oneplus 9 device running android 13. There have been several occasions that I have had problems with the app midflight / after battery change. On some occasions, the app loses contact with the drone, fortunately the drone did complete the mission and returned home. Had it just hovered or flew off, what is the protocol for manually over riding the flight plan and getting control of the drone?

On other occasions I am not able to get the drone to re-connect after swapping the battery. What I do in these cases is to reset the app, however re-start mission isn’t available so I have to open the mission again and start over. The problem here is that the last point flown are not available. What I did in this case is to estimate the last point and go back a few points and manually set the start point there on a new mission. Is there a better way of handling this situation?

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I’m surprised that there has been no comments on this. Anyhow, I wanted to chime in on an incident I encountered in a flight today. I was flying a mission and the Drone Deploy app lost connection with my drone midflight. Panic set in, though fortunately the controller was still connect as I could see elevation, speed, battery levels, etc. I could barely see the drone against the afternoon sky, but it seemed to be following the mission plan as it was programmed. I actually got a pretty good sense of what the drone was doing by monitoring the drones speed and distance away from me on the DJI remote’s display. Its distance away would creep up then come down as the drone headed back to me, so this reenforced that the mission plan was still being carried out Based on this this and sufficient battery levels I decided to let the drone fly. Sure enough when the drone completed the drone deploy mission he returned home and landed. What a relief! I was also happy to find that though the drone deploy wasn’t connected to the drone for half the mission all the pictures were taken and found on the SD Card.

While midflight, I decided not to try to reset the app or start the dji app, just incase this interfered with the drones active progress. It was a gamble I took and everything worked out. I wonder what would have happened if I restarted the phone / drone deploy. Would it reconnect to the current flight or would it reset everything and cause the drone to hover or land? I’d love to hear from anyone who has been in this situation and could provide any advice or guidance on how to recover from a drone deploy app disconnection mid flight.

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