How to 360 Walkthrough App - SD Card Errors


I’m attempting to use the 360 Walk through app to build a model of my home, and I keep getting an error that my SD card speed is to slow. I’m using an Insta360 RS One, along with Sandisk Extreme 64gb Micro SD cards. I’ve tried multiple cards, and I’ve formatted them all…

I was able to do one walkthrough this morning with no problem, but now I’m consistently getting an error…

The cards work fine in the native Insta360 app, and with Matterport. I’m only encountering this error with the Drone Deploy Walkthrough app.

Has anyone encountered this before, and/or have any solutions?


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this happens to me sometimes…but it doesn’t affect the upload into drone deploy. Just take the files off your memory card and upload to drone deploy and it works itself out

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