Walkthrough 360 Photos Upside Down

I am using the new Insta X3 and the photos are being displayed upside down in the online viewer. Is there a bug that needs a fixin’?


Lol, what did you do the night before?!

I know, it seems like a funny thing. But since I am not an enterprise user I can’t even get chat support from Drone Deploy. So this forum is my only hope. Thanks Drone Deploy!

Hey @txdroneco! If you have Walkthrough access, you should have Chat, since these are both features of our Individual plan. (Unless you’re on a trial, chat is not available).
Click “Help” in the bottom left corner to launch chat support if you’re on a paid subscription.

Otherwise, send us an email at support@dronedeploy.com with a link to this walkthrough and we’re happy to support you!

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