360 Walkthrough PiP

I have a request that the design on the UI for 360 Walkthroughs may have not accounted for and also may be a scaling issue on my 43-inch 4K. I have mounted my Insta360 on top of my truck Google style and drone a construction site. Problems are that there are too many viewpoints too close together so it takes forever to navigate. Second problem is the the PiP is too small so you can travel far that way either. It would be better to have a way to either make the PiP larger or be able to zoom out. @Andrew_Fraser @Anjanette_Hill @Jamespipe

Hi Michael - I think I understand, but could you add a screenshot to demonstrate? I agree we need a time/space limitation on photo capture locations. Right now it’s space - and designed for walking, so we’re taking tonnes of video frames from your driven capture.

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You got it exactly. If it was time driven it would scale to the subject much better. It doesn’t matter the speed I drive as the pictures are always spaced about the same. If I drive at 15mph and it has a 2-second interval then I would get a spot every 40ft or so.

Awesome use case - I will share the feedback with our AEC development team now.

How are your clients / project team using the data?

Site progress, but this one was for a subdivision asbuilt and a drive-thru with the developer over a Zoom meeting. So basically they ended up with -

2D map
3D model
10 aerials
4min video
3 aerial 360 panos
Site Drive-Thru of all the roads and the pond