Map Created - Missing Imaging Within Map Area

Collected the data for my first map and map was created. However, within the completed project, there’s missing imaging. It is a test map to see if we can use drone deploy for enhancing inspections and in this case, a roof.

The flight went smoothly and it seems strange it would be missing the data in the middle of the designated area.


hmm. I’ve seen this when there is some slowdown when the camera is writing quickly to the SD card. Maybe the SD card was getting full or some photos were deleted instead of formatting it? This can affect the speed when taking lots of photos quickly. Similar to this post about a regular camera slowing down

I have just returned from my first attempt at using DD to calculate the volume of a small gravel stockpile (about 30m long) on a flat concrete slab. The mission flew beautifully, the SD card was formatted prior to take off, 12 photos captured. Sadly, there was an area of missing data right in the middle of the stockpile for some reason. When I look at the image projections (outlines of photos taken), they appear quite random and don’t cover the area where the missing data occurred. I asked for 80% overlap in both directions. Aircraft speed was set to max 5m/s. If camera speed is the issue, I might have a go a further slowing the drone down.

Here’s what doesn’t make any sense…

If the images were actually captured then what would the speed of the drone have anything to do with it? I certainly don’t know how the stitching operation works and if drone speed effects location (X,Y and Z) data but…this sounds like a processing issue not a capture issue. Would be great if someone with DroneDeploy could weigh in on this because you have to a “special” subscriber to talk to them it seems.

Looks like the DJI GS Pro is also an alternative at a cheaper price.

It’s possible that sometimes the camera or SD card can cause the images to slow down in portions of the map. Slowing down could possibly help you with that. Ideally you fly with a formatted SD card also. I’ve heard this can cause camera slowdown during burst capture sometimes.

@Rjyokum As far as price of other apps goes, DD and GS Pro are both free apps.

But to go Premium/Full featured, isn’t DD 1000/year?

The mobile app is full featured. To get all the features of the online map processing platform it costs money.

Did you ever get resolution on this? I just flew 2 different test missions and both of them are missing a large number of images even though I confirmed the coverage of the flight plan is correct.

Hi @droneranger,

Can you send me a private message with the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account as well as the map IDs of the maps you’re having issues with?