GCP Tagging Error


  • Received the email to proceed to GCP tagging;

  • Clicked on Link, GCP table opened. Had this error, message
    " 5 appears to contain invalid data. Please resolve before continuing."

  • Selected the Auto Fix and the message was
    “Suggested changes by Autofix displayed above. Changes made: Performed basic formatting. Everything looks good now, please click Save after reviewing the changes.”

  • After selecting Save we get message;
    “5 appears to contain invalid data. Please resolve before continuing.”

The Back and Return buttons dont work.

Thanks in advance.

Can you post some screen shots of the coordinates and the errors?

Thanks in advance…

Your using the wrong EPSG number for that area. I had this happen to me a few weeks ago and then I was told I we used this number versus that number, then magic happened and it worked.

There can be several EPSG Codes for your area and you have to determine which one it is, especially if your close to the edge of two EPSG zones.

Yep, and you need to make sure to use u.s. survey feet.

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Thank you Greg & Michael,

Appreciate the prompt assistance.

Sorry forgot to mention that I’m mapping in Fiji using 3460 EPSG Code, 3143 is depreciated. We use metres.

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Thank you Greg and Michael,

DD fixed the problem.

Lesson learnt, we planned a mission for Pix4D but half way through we had issues with the resume flight. So we use the same flight plan and flew DD.

Had one of the GCPs falling outside the parameters, so it was removed.

Thank you both again.