GCPs not autotagging

I’m stuck and not getting alot of help from the support team.
I am using an Emlid RS2 over an averaged point and broadcasting NTRIP via wifi.
I’m also using a Phantom 4 RTK to fly the mission.
I’m recording my points in ESPG 28354 which is appropriate.
When I upload my photos and GCPs, a few random GCPs will have a few (four) photos tagged, but the majority of the GCPs are not tagged at all.
When I go into the GCP, the target is right in the middle of the circle, most of the time spot on in the middle.
Does anyone have an advice on why Dronedeploy would not autotag the GCPs?
Interestingly, when I fly the same map with a Phantom 4 Pro V2, it autotags all the GCPs correctly.

Its very time consuming and Dronedeploy haven’t been very active in helping… (is there anyone at Dronedeploy that can escalate this?)
Thank you,

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What do your GCP’s look like?

Just the standard 600mm square with black and white quarters
Always picked up with the non rtk drone

That is interesting considering the RTK’d values get a tighter tolerance which in theory lessens the affect that the GCP’s have on the camera locations. Sounds like they are fighting each other and having too large of a discrepancy (according to the system) between what the image says and what the algorithm thinks should be going on is causing a break in the system. Thinking out loud…

I don’t have my base station over a known point, its just a averaged 30minute point that I recorded years ago. Could that be the issue? Its only about 1.2m out from the known base location…

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Just to make sure I understand and you said that the point basically was shown over the GCP’s but that the system just didn’t tag it? And it tagged some but not others?

Correct. It would occasionally tag 1 point out of 10, but only get 4 photos (I fly 80/80 so there are usually >12 photos of each point).
Here are examples of an untagged GCP (I’ve done nothing to make the circle be centered on the GCP).
When I fly NON-RTK they are picked up automatically.


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