Enough Photos?

Did I get enough photos of this 3 ac site? I think I should have gotten a few more, lol!


This was done using a DJI P4 RTK unit. I had it at 80%/75% (Forward/Side) at 82’ Altitude. The P4 RTK currently doesn’t use DD :frowning:, so I used the DJI GS RTK App in structural mode. The apps didn’t update the correct flight time and I had to recharge my 3 batteries during the flight, so I had down time. Time to buy more batteries and better chargers. The only issue is in muti-battery missions it will not return to the last spot it took a photo, it goes to the next leg of the mission and it missed about 15 to 20 photos. This was flown in 11 mph with 20+ mph gusts from time to time. Watching the drone tilt 20%+ degrees and keep a steady path makes using a RTK setup really nice. My P3S would have drifted during the flight and fought hard to get back on line.

As you can see I’m still uploading photos, sorry DD and others for eating the server/bandwidth today, lol.

Ha ha, 3D ought to be pretty good on that! Crosshatching works well, but I have found that oblique angles can hurt the DTM accuracy. It may be different with the RTK. Nadir or oblique?

The camera angle was 60 degree. I forgot to post that above.

I’m not to worried to much on how this one turns out. I did it to learn the GS PTK app and what I need to do to improve it for future structure flights.

This is a wastewater treatment plant that i did some other flights on and aerial photos.

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