DD Ground control points feature for $50


Has anyone spent the 50 dollars for drone deploy to add GCPs to your map?
As I understand it , you just lay out your points pay $50 and DD does the rest…

And if so how was your results?

Thank you

We are an exterprise customer and use the GCP workflow heavily. Just for clarity,

Layout your points
Correctly format your coordinate file
Upload the coordinate file with the images
Receive an email notification for GCP’s ready to tag
Tag the GCP’s or verify if the system has successfully auto-tagged them
Submit the tagged GCP’s

In my opinion their GCP process is superior to any other software I have used. This becomes less of a gap as auto-tagging is getting better with all softwares, but the different softwares all have the definitions of types/configurations of GCP’s that are eligible for auto-tagging. Personally I use all kinds of things as GCP’s so I will most likely never take advantage of this feature.

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correctly format your coordinate file? sorry for my ignorance but how is this done?

please and thanks

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after you lay out your points, you need to shoot them with a GPS unit, then process your Data these coordinates.


What do you use for other (all kinds of things) for GPCs? Like survey points that are already on site etc?
Thanks for your help

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I have a couple of videos that I have been working on that I will post on some forums and link on this thread once they have uploaded to my OneDrive.

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Here’s a different way to think about ground control. It’s not just for absolute accuracy.


Thank you Im very interested, Im starting a drone business in Las Vegas, I have worked in construction all my life, but not on the survey end. my website is

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