Can DroneDeploy process GCP and GPS points together

Hello. I have a question if DroneDeploy can combine GCP targets and GPS collected points to enhance the model. I saw in a case study by the company Landpoint titled Mapping Drones for Professional Surveyors. In the study they took GPS ground shots where water was standing and used them into the model, but It did not specify if this was done in DroneDeploy.

Besides the gcp you can enter additional points with the coordinate file and use them as checkpoints. I don’t believe they show up on any kind of a map as they are more of a double check for the accuracy report. You can drop pins on spot and retrieve coordinates, but you cannot enter coordinates to create pins. If that makes sense? honestly, I would think standing water would be something that’s pretty easy to see on the map so dropping the pins maybe good enough. What I usually do is make a PDF or PNG of the cad file with those points in it and something like the boundary and create an overlay. Having the ground control points in the overlay is also a really good way to align it.