Updating DroneDeploy WebApp

I am running V- 2.102.0 Looks like DD is up to V 3.0 I think
How do I update my subscription?

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On a computer right? Mine is on v2.102.0 as well. Maybe there is a different version number for a Mac?

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yes on my PC, Mabey I’m on the latest version, not sure been I read that DD has changed or upgraded their GCP tagging, and it’s still the same on my end?

My business subscription is about up, and I been debating whether to switch to a different program- been looking at PIX 4D Mapper and Measure. I been processing maps with PIX Desktop and it just does not have the same tools and stuff I like about DD, like slope, slope is a big deal in the construction industry. Pix desktop used to be able to use the cloud to share data, and the client could use all the tools. BUT no more they expect you to but the desktop and cloud. Wasted 100$ dollars on measure trial, when I went to upload GCPs it was a joke.

There might be a different version for the GCP tagging interface? All that really changed is the accuracy of the estimations. The first point seems to be about the same, but once that point is tagged the located images seem to be closer needing less adjustment but adjustment nonetheless so it’s not like it really saves any time.

If you use X’s at least 2ft by 2ft it is auto-tagging them better and at times has automatically starting processing without the manual tagging process. I’m not a big fan of this as I have gone back in to look at what it had tagged using the link that the email provided and they were not as close as what I could have tagged them. If I feel like it’s not good enough and I end up retarding everything myself.

Overall I just seem to like DD better for construction purposes… If you don’t mind me asking, do you agree? and do you feel DD is as accurate as PIX Desktop?

I agree, but mainly because of the ease of use and tools that are being developed and the multiple types of media that can be integrated. It is definitely more mature for the AEC industry and Project Management. The sharing has always been a point of contention and I think this will get better, but their initiative is get DroneDeploy in the hands of as many users as possible. I think they need to entertain other pricing models like per project access for non-DroneDeploy users. They introduced Analysts for the Enterprise level accounts but they are too expensive.

I believe Pix4D is better for pretty models which may in turn be more accurate in vertical aspects, but I don’t think it is any more accurate for the needs of construction. We are not using cinematic quality structural models from photogrammetry and have much better tools for that.

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My thoughts are the DD models look better a lot of the times. and that most measuring is done on the othro, not the model. and DD certainly produces a better ortho… Just my 2 cents and I think I made up my mind. Keeping my DD plan.

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The orthos are definitely better but I think structures just aren’t up to par because they decimate the point cloud too much for those purposes which cuts out finer details in the mesh. Pix4D retains structural detail better but that in turn is worse for terrain and is a pain to cleanup.

DroneDeploy has gotten to a better mid-point with their new processing as of about a month ago where they removed the terrain/structural divide but they are still decimating about 25% too many points. I did a test with Correlator 3D and it on average has 50-60% more points. Closer to the detail of Pix4D, but Correlator is more controllable and has a 100% better DTM process than any other photogrammetry software out there. If we could get DroneDeploy within 25% of the Correlator 3D values I would say that is about as good of a sweet spot as you can get.

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