New user thrilled with Drone Deploy software and P4

Hello Droners (I, just made that up, how about Droney ?)

I work in the mining industry at Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Just picked up a P4 a week ago and made my first map with DD yesterday. I am blown away with how easy-to-use yet powerful this software is. It works great with my P4, which is an incredible machine in its own right.

It’s a mapping miracle !! I am totally stoked !

Not sure how well it work when everything is covered in snow though ?!?

I love the volume (cut/fill) function. Incredible compared with the old ways.

Looking forward to learning how to use ground control points and improving my output.

Thanks DD ! I will be purchasing soon !

Hey, Chris! Hopefully the snow’s not too deep yet. We’ve had one small dumping here in Cold Lake, Alberta, but I flew anyway, just to see. There was still enough definition between pictures to allow stitching, and I’m sure setting the altitude up to 95m helped. The volume function didn’t seem to mind the snow, as long as you use the elevation feature to define the boundaries.
I’m glad everything’s working for you with the Phantom4, and you’re right - it’s amazing how simple everything works together. As for ground control points, I, too, am playing around with them…

Welcome Chris! The community is very helpful and is happy to help in any way we can. A lot of the little tricks I know/do I learned here. The DD folks also get on and very attentive to our questions.