Frontlap and Sidelap settings

Hello everyone;

I have an issue regarding the frontlap and sidelap settings since whatever the percentage is set at any Altitude value (eg: 75 or 160m) the DD App is capturing the images every 2 seconds exactly !!??
So anybody has faced such issue and what shall I do ?

N. B: i m using P3P latest FW version with Samsung E7 or Iphone 6 (latest Dji Go and DD Apps)


The DD app will capture images every 2 seconds. it will adjust the speed in order to get the correct overlap.

thanks, you can listen to it catch up in wind on larger areas or fly low and slow at night with it set at high on both percentages, cooler than fireworks.

In fact whatever the Frontlap is set (30 or 80%), the noticed Speed is always 15m/s and pictures are taken every 2 sec.

Something is going wrong i guess.

(P3P FW, DJI Go and DD Apps have the latest ver)

If you are flying very high, that will be the case. If you fly lower you will notice the speed slows down.