Camera Settings Issue, HELP!

Summary of Issue:
Manual Camera settings has issue in DD.

Date Issue Began:
After new update, I mean after AUTOMATIC CAMERA SETTINGS button was removed from DD APP

Drone Model:

Phantom 4 Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version:

Galaxy S7, latest Android version 7.0

DroneDeploy App Version:

First I go to DD app and toggle “Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go” and “Set Focus Manually in DJI Go”, then I enter GO APP and set Camera Settings Manually. After that I FORCE STOP both apps and relaunch DD app. Drone is connected, everything works fine, but when drone starts taking photos it changes its SHUTTER SPEED to 2500 :\ when i set it to 240 :expressionless: why is it happening? How can i COMPLETELY DISABLE DD’s camera settings, so I can have FULL control of camera settings from Dji GO APP?

Also could anybody please explain me the meaning of Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go and Set Focus Manually in DJI Go? What exactly it controls?

This is big issue for me. Also Sometimes Drone doesnt take photos, it follows path without taking photos :\

Any suggestions?

Hello @keyable,

I would try running the apps simultaneously together and see if you get the same errors as far as camera settings. Manual exposure is setting the shutter, aperture and iso of the drone in the DJI GO app. Set focus manually is setting the focus of the drone depending on what you are trying to focus (usually its the terrain).

As far as your drone not taking photos, I would check your memory card and make sure it is not being backed up as far as write speed. Formatting your memory card and also using a fast memory card usually corrects those issues.


First of all thank u for reply!

I can not run DJI GO and DD simultaneously. I can send you flight Log. It starts normally with manual settings, but after 2 photos, it changes to automatic, tomorrow i will upload photos. Please fix the issue, i have big project to deal with and it stands in my way!

@keyable Thanks for reaching out. What was your Drone’s firmware version and also the DJI GO app version? You can respond here or send me a private message. If possible, could you also tell me the name of the recent flight that you noticed these camera setting issues? I can take this information to my engineers and see what the issue might be.


Dear Yusuf,

I have sent you Private Message, please check it.


I responded to your message. I will be following up soon. Thank you.

Hello Yusuf,

Could you please inform me about progress? I have some projects to do this Sunday, so I am interested if the problem is solved. I can not use DD until it is solved.


@keyable Our latest version of our app has resolved this issue. Please do reach out if you have any more questions.