Flight Logs - incomplete and missing

I’ve tried to access the flight log option from the DD dashboard. I flew 3 flights for the given mission, the first aborted almost immediately (local hazards coming near), and the second two for a battery-worth each. The last leg was stopped prior to the whole intended area being completed (pressed abort on the DJI inspire controller, as the one on the application didn’t seem to be working or had an excessive delay)

After coming home to process, I found there were 2 missions in my dashboard, one with the name, and the other name (copy). The first one had the flight data from the first (aborted) flight, and the second had a very small leg, of perhaps 10-20 metres. I don’t see any other flight log data for these missions. Is there a difference in how the logs are collected? Does aborting a flight (with either the soft button or the hard button) prevent the data from being collected?

Incidentally, if the controller abort button is pressed, images keep getting collected every x seconds as the quadcopter tilts the camera horizontal and returns to home/lands.

(not sure what the extent of information/concerns you’re looking for from us - trying to be a helpful beta tester)