Flight Log Missing

I flew my 2nd mission with DroneDeploy this morning using my new Mavic Pro.
Flight went exactly as planned, landing with 30% remaining battery, approx 415 images acquired.
The app took me through the “done” workflow and told me it couldn’t upload photos (understand).
I shut off the UAV and shut off the controller.
The app didn’t give me the upload icon on my iPhone. I hit the refresh button, but the flight plan was still in the list with the edit button available.

I pulled the memory card and put it in the card reader on my Mac. Opened the dronedeploy.com website, logged in, refreshed my plans/flights. Same indication. The plan I flew still showed up in edit mode, no indication that it had been flown.

I went ahead and uploaded the new photos.

I can’t figure out if there’s a way to recover my flight log.

Open to suggestions!

In the event that the flight log isn’t accessible online, it should still be accessible on your device if you plug your phone into itunes and view the data for the dronedeploy app.

I need to review how to get it with iTunes.
I did manage to download it with iExplorer and uploaded it to DroneLogbook. Import successful aside from UTC conversion bug and missing battery data.

Has anyone else flown the Inspire 1 and after the flight, the record is missing from the flight log section inside the DJI Pilot App?
For me this feature has never missed a beat.

This happened to me regarding one flight of over 15minutes. The App flight logs show my all of my other flights but not this one. It’s weird because this is something that just works and does not require any user intervention. I flown another flight after this happened and there is a record in my flight log which normally shows up on top of the list.

I’ve been seeing this issue for two weeks now. Flew 4 flights with a Phantom 4 using the DroneDeploy iOS app, none have logfiles available to download.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use DroneDeploy iOS app with Phantom 4 to fly the UAV
  2. On DroneDeploy web app, upload images to flight plan
  3. After processing is complete, navigate to dashboard
  4. Click three dot menu next to flight plan name
  5. See ‘Fetching flight logs’ instead of ‘No flight logs available’ or ‘Download Flight logs’
  6. See AWS error in Chrome dev tools console:
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Thanks for the detailed bug report. We’re working on a fix!