Export Source Data Within A Polygon

It would be nice to extract source media from a region or polygon of our map, to store in other systems or to re-upload to another DroneDeploy project. Right now the Export > Source Data downloads all images.

For example, we fly our whole site at 122m, creating one large 6000 image basemap. When we want to fly a facade inspection, it’s often best to have the GPS drone imagery to draw the perimeter of the structure on. We manage the structure assessment in a different project than the base map. So what would be nice would be to draw a polygon around the building, download just the images within that zone, then reupload (or better yet copy in-place) over to a dedicated project to perform the vertical inspection with.


This is something you can do in Propeller that I love. It makes it so easy to share the highest resolution possible of a specific feature very quickly. I’ll go one step further and request that this be possible from what you see on screen as well. Being able to draw an odd shape is great but sometimes the screen view is perfect and much quicker.

What I don’t like is that Propeller provides no way to clean up the edges of the online map and they look terrible so kudos to DD for that!

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