Elevation profile data export


I haven’t been using dronedeploy for very long, so please bear with me.

I’m wondering whether it is possible to export the raw elevation data from the elevation profiles.
When we draw a line we get a nice little graph of the elevation profile along the plane that the line is drawn. When we run the mouse along this line, it shows us at each point what the elevation (Y) is at that specific point on the X plane.

Is it possible to add in a feature that allows us to export the actual elevation profile along this line that we’ve drawn?

We know that the data is there to be able to create the elevation profile to begin with, I’m just hoping there’s a way to export that X,Y data so it could be possible to create the same graph in something like Excel or SigmaPlot where we can customise it.

This is especially important as my research pertains to beach profiles, so the ability to get that elevation data along the X,Y axis along the whole plane that a line is drawn would be massively helpful.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you.


This has definitely become more popular over the last year. Basically brought on from the fact that you can now do multi-point polylines and have it still report a profile. Thanks for the detail on what you would like out of it!