3D maps resolution

I am currently using a screen capture to save my Drone Deploy 3D maps which isn’t great resolution. Is there software that I can use that will build a higher res 3D map from the files downloaded from the Drone Deploy 3D folder?

several, most of them pretty expensive, phoscanpro and pix4d among them.

i am doing orthomosaics of the same thing i produce in drone deploy for comparison but i have to say its not easy to work with a full hight res image of about 32kx32k its about 1.5GB and thats just a small map of about 250 images.

i think it could be useful to export the tiles from drone deploy to generate a high res map that you can use offline.

I think there should be an export button with several options on the data/map page. Is it available for you?

@jeremy do you know a better answer to this?

The current 3D model workflow needs a bit of work. We’ve been focusing on ortho’s and DSM’s, but will put more energy into higher resolution 3D models. The reason for the current low-res model is to make it faster to load in a browser - but we will be making higher res ones soon.


i see the export option is exporting what it looks like the model texture. will it be possible to get a GeoTIff?

DM me your email address, and I’ll enable that for you.

hi jono can please check my last 3 d model i think the resultion is very bad what i did wrong can u check the data please

@davet01 yes, screen caps aren’t ideal for demo purposes. As @chasemgray mentioned, you can download all the different products from the export dropdown on the data page; the 3D model is a .obj mesh file with a .tif texture - you can take this zip and upload to a range of different online viewers, such as sketchfab or verold (I’m sure there are many others as well) to view and share your 3D model.

@lacion yes, the photogrammetry is an expensive operation on large data sets - that’s why we do it for you! You can download the hi-res geotiffs of the ortho and dsm layers from the export dropdown and then view them directly or load them into another piece of desktop software (such as ArcGIS). As for your second question, the 3D model download has a texture file in .tif format - this isn’t very useful on its own (it tends to look a bit weird as it’s meant to be draped over the 3D mesh of the model) - if you’re interested in orthos / dsms i’d recommend downloading those files from the dropdown.

@tzfira_yuval just took a quick look at your last map - looks great (!), but I do see the artifacts on the 3D model you mentioned, especially on the sides. As @jono mentioned we are actively working on improving our 3D modeling, but in the mean time I’d suggest two things:

  • Map a slightly smaller area (the model viewer currently has a limit on model size, so massive models get downsampled a bit, leading to poorer quality)
  • Take some additional oblique images of the building / 3D structure after your usual DroneDeploy mapping mission and upload them to the flight along with all the other images. You can do this my flying and capturing images manually after your automated DroneDeploy flight (we will be creating an automated workflow to capture this in the near future). This can greatly improve the quality on the edges of buildings, as the nadir images from the normal mapping flight can sometimes miss the detail on the vertical building sides.

Hope that helps guys - we really appreciate the feedback (and all the maps you’re making!), so please keep it coming.


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once I download it via sending it to myself for download, what program do I need to open the 3D model?

sketchfab is only allowing 50mb in size though :frowning: how to I make my 3D model smaller for that purpose?

You can open the 3D model is almost any 3D program. Blender is one free option.

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well autcad inventor did not take the obj file LOL but I got it sorted in the meantime. :smiley:

hi @phatzo - you can also export the .las file if that’s more useful to you - select Point Cloud rather than 3D model when exporting. More info on export formats is here- http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/data-output-formats-v2

Hi @neema I do not have the option to export in point cloud /.las file. I only have the option for the 3D model with zip which has .jpg, an mtl and an obj file inside.

I am not sure but could it be possible to make a note or those little help bubbles when hovering over something giving you info on what you can export when doing ortho or agricultural map instead of just not having the option.

on second thought there are a lot of factors that play in that game. which camera, modified or not… just a thought.

the option to export as point cloud should come up for you on google chrome browser (just double checked your account)- please let us know if that isn’t working. thanks

I do have the option now. I only use Chrome and have when registering :smiley:
maybe some cache problem probably.
no worries.

I would like to put up a question regarding the resolution in detail.

I am currently in contact with a Production Designer (making 3D models) for construction, or city plans.
he asked me if there is a way to have an exact or close to exact measurement possibility within the 3D model. he mostly receives data he is then working through bit by bit (not meant by the word) but it is a long process since the point cloud most companies make are extremely detailed and he has to work comparing the data.

my problem is I am fairly new to 3D and modeling but am extremely curious and information hungry in Hungary LOL and would like to know if you could give a link or something where things in regard to 3D and mapping is explained. goal is to eventually be an expert on this later this year. :smiley:

with the current 3D model how can that be integrated into existing models and how exact are they to be able to take measurements for planning.

is it true for my understanding (if I get it right) that the more overlaps I have for a certain area and the closer I fly over the ground respectively to the speed of flight the better the detail later on in the map I am generating. right?

my english is not native and I might repeat myself. please excuse that as I am not sure if what I am asking is understandable.