Cropping a Model

Hello all. I have now successfully managed to capture a map, i was wondering how to clean up the edges of the model. I have cropped it in the 2D view to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Also, how would i attach the map to this post so you guys could see and comment?


Unfortunately DroneDeploy does not crop the 3D content. You’re only option would be to export the point cloud and bring it into an editing software like Carlson Precision 3D or Autodesk Recap.

To share the map go to the bottom of the left pane and click share. Copy the view only link. Make sure to share it in the Beautiful Maps category.

Thankyou Michael.



I experienced that it is/was possible to define also the 3D model edges in DD by cropping the 2D area BEFORE importing the images. Cropping the finished 2D map afterwards did not change the 3D model later on.
(I pre-cropped this way quite a while ago, so even this mentioned functionality may have vanished for some reason over time or maybe for 3D result quality reasons: the downside is, that your 3D models get more “corrupted” at the edges the more you cut off imagery at the borders in advance…)

Yes, this is correct that the extent of the 3D model will be the same as the map area that processed. The main problem being that you cannot crop afterwards. This is particularly troublesome when you do a manual upload and allow the boundary to overextend or do not get it “pretty”.

Thanks. I will experiment some more.