Empty App Market

I’ve created crosshatch flight plan in My Dashboard, using Auto Flight Modes app installed from App Market collection. The plan, however, doesn’t appear when DD app is launched from iPad Air 2 tablet to execute. App Market tab is empty, installed apps list also doesn’t display anything. Checked My Dashboard on both Windows and Apple computers, the plan is recorded and App Market is accessible, but not in actual DD app.

Hi @Matthew,

Silly question here, but can you double-check and verify that you are connected to the internet? Can you also provide screenshots of what you’re seeing in your dashboard?


Christina, when I tap App Market, I see nothing. Crosshatch plans created on my Mac with app installed from Market, on iPad Air2 appear without this extra app.

Wait a minute … Are you saying that I my iPad must be connected to the Internet while executing the mission???


OK, just updated DD app and App Market is back! Damn bugs …

Hi @Matthew,

Not entirely sure what happened here but glad that the latest update resolved your issue!