P3P, iPad Air, App button icons empty

Hi, Im running DD 2.0.19 on ipad air 9.3.5, P3P.
DD works, but the button icons in the app dont have any pictures or symbols to signify what the button does. The blue and white buttons at the bottom right corner are empty (solid color). Im wondering what I should try. I’ve gone thru this trouble shoot before and I think I did delete app/reinstall, reboot ipad.
Any thoughts?
Would be great to have the icons intact.
thank you
Brad P

Hey Brad,
The current DD app version is 2.0.45 and the iPad is currently 10.3.1 or 10.3.2.
You might need to update to get the proper icons. I would uninstall an reinstall the app.
It also helps to periodically reboot the iPad.

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IPad needs to be at least version 10.0 or newer before updating for the newest DD app version.