App Market

Why is the App Market not loading and why is it not showing the apps I have already downloaded? Getting very frustrated with DD!!!

Where is it not loading? Windows? What browser?

Not loading on any browser or tablet. Not loading for my account anywhere.

It seems to be working on my iPad Mini 5 and Google Chrome Incognito. Can you try Incognito?

Not working that way either.

Maybe something happened to your account? I would email or chat support asap.

Figured it out! I have to click on Try New View and they will then show up, But I do not like the new view! I need them to show up in the OLD VIEW. I should not have to use the new view.

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Glad you figured it out. What is it about the new view that doesn’t work for you? I’m sure you’re not the first. At least we got them to delay the forced switch for over a year.

Just not use to the way it’s laid out. I think the other way was easier, at least to me it is.

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It was definitely a learning experience. The main thing that has been experienced by many is that the new interface is heavy on mobile devices and seems to be much more so internet dependent. Allot of this has been alleviated over the past several builds, but it’s not exactly apples to apples with all the new functionality. Once you get use to it hopefully you won’t miss the old one. I know I don’t once I learned to make sure the DD app was open first and been running for a couple of minutes before I connected the drone.

I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the info.