Drone Insurance and Liability Coverage: Do You Need It?


If you’re setting up a drone business, or implementing drones at your company, you’ve probably got some questions about drone insurance.

What kinds of insurance exist for drones? Do I really need it? How much does it cost?

Learn all this and more at Drone Insurance and Liability Coverage: Do You Need it?


Yes you do! We put our P4P on $1m liability. It’s with the same firm that does the rest of our construction equipment and company trucks so we got a pretty good deal. :wink:


I hope DD / Droneinsurance.com offerings include a ‘named pilot’ policy which makes it affordable for single and small operators to insure the Remote Pilot and not the uavs they own which is standard for many uas policies and is complete overkill for small ops. There are some policies like this moving into the landscape, but we need more.


@Dave, I agree! Besides the company I work for I would like some side business as well. It’s still not all that expensive, but much more than we pay at the office.


I am an aviation insurance broker that specializes in commercial UAS insurance. I have compiled some of my educational content on UAS insurance below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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