Help Needed - Phantom 4 RTK Replacement

Hi everyone!

Any help is appreciated. I have a Phantom 4 RTK with mobile base station and Pix4d mapping software.

The drone malfunctioned during automated flight and crashed. It appears you can not purchase the Drone by itself, I would have to purchase the mobile base station as well.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Are there any other RTK drones that will connect with my mobile base station?


You should be able to contact an authorized dealer. Do you not have a warranty or insurance on it? It would be a good idea to have insurance on something for business that cost $10k…

Unfortunately the DJI base is proprietary and will not transmit to anything except a DJI receiver. You could do PPK though.

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I’m completely new to drone mapping and software. I bought the drone from a local dealer who didnt offer any insurance and i wasn’t sure of any until after the crash. I have been using it successfully since January and its been such a great tool. I just don’t understand why they wont sell the drone by itself since I have the mobile station.

Dumb question, I was watching a video you posted about PPK…What type set up would i need for aerial mapping for volumes? And what accuracy can I expect?


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What caused the crash, it could be covered under DJI’s warranty.

And yes you can buy the RTK drone by itself, you need to find a dealer that will sell it, it’s like $3500 from what I’ve seen in the past.

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I’m not sure what caused the crash. It was in mission mode and 20% into the flight and it just spiraled out of the air…
I have looked everywhere for just the drone. I’ve call several dealers and they all have told me you cant buy the drone with out the base combo…

Contact DJI Tech Support and upload the log files from it.

You can go to and upload the last flight data and it will show you the rough area where to look.The log files are stored on the controller, just connect the controller to the computer and you can download them. It depends if the battery just died and it fell straight down or if it lost connection to the controller and kept flying. Either way you can get a pretty good idea where to look. Don’t forget to look up in the trees.

DJI is pretty good at looking at the log files and determining if it was a drone issue and is covered under warranty. They don’t screw over the customer from what I have seen. As long as you was using DJI drone and DJI batteries and the firmware and software was up to date then they cover it.

Always be careful on buying batteries, a DJI battery for the P4RTK is about $170, so if you see 2 batteries for $80 don’t buy them. They may never have an issue but your risking a expensive piece of equipment.

Hopefully this helps you.

I contacted them today and have it ready to ship!
I haven’t sent the log file yet, I was told I would get an email after they receive it with more instructions.

Thanks for your help.

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Make sure you get drone insurance!

My P4RTK has DJI Care Coverage to do 2 full replacements and then we have regular drone insurance that covers it as well.

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As long as i know if you fly the phantom with third party app, then dji will blame you for the crash

It doesn’t matter how many times people post this, it’s still incorrect.
DJI would be able to see the cause of the incident from the internal recorded data.
If it was a DJI issue, they will cover it.