Operations Over People - Category 1, 2, 3 drones coming to market?

AgEagle eBee X is approved as a Category 3 drone and appears to be the only one. It’s a very nice drone, but it’s much more than I need, doesn’t fully integrate with DD, and apparently it costs $15,000+. Has anyone heard if DJI, Skydio, or any other drone manufacturers are at work on a drone in the under $5000 range that has the FAA certificate of compliance for Category 1, 2, or 3? Nice that the FAA is allowing OOP without waivers, but if the manufacturers don’t start producing the drones the new rules aren’t doing much.

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There are many drones that make the cut if you have a parachute system and full prop cages but out of the box just the Ebee Ag. I don’t think there is enough demand right now for companies to worry about releasing an out-of-the-box compliant drone but they will come.