Commercial Insurance

Hello Jack here,

Asking for constructive feedback about commercial insurance cost of flying Drones.

Recommended Providers?

Suggested Deductible to expect?

Coverage’s that are necessary?

Coverage’s that are not necessary?

Any criteria you may find relevant too mention, please share.

Thank you in advance for taking time to share your insight.

This guy is probably the best non-FAA resources for drone legality out their right now. Bookmark his site and go through it.

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Thank you for responding to my question. I put in some more research time on the DronePloy forum and found this link in-bedded under the term commercial when I went to put my my post under “General” topic. The link is Again, Thanks for the insight, have a fine day.

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This insurance is also available as you apply for LAANC authorization in AirMap. On the fly…

I have been using Skywatch. They have been the cheapest with the most coverage so far.

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