Introducing Drone on Demand

Today we’re announcing our partnership with DroneBase to make drone data available to any company through an on-demand drone pilot solution. Introducing Drone On Demand, a simplified way for companies to collect aerial data with drones.

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Good stuff. If you are a licensed pilot your should check out DroneBase for a new venture.

Is this available for UK operators?

Hi @WephotoUAV,

Thank you for your interest but this service is currently only available in the contiguous 48 states in the US.


Are pilots currently flying with DroneBase automatically eligible for this work?

We should be. I wonder if our company used this if I would get “hired”, lol…

Hi @dcnedvidek,

If you’re in the DroneBase pilot network and based in the lower 48 states, then yep, you should be eligible. :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten I think 4 potential jobs from Dronebase but all of them were around 100 bucks for about 4 hours of work (Travel + flying) and the locations were scary tbh. I think there was an abandoned hotel, a foreclosed restaurant and hotel, a trailer park, and something else.

I passed on those…

Make sure you put in a radius you are willing to work within and if they send you something outside of it decline it until they offer better pay. If not then try again next time. I routinely get $120 for 3 hours (2-2.5 hours of travel), but still haven’t decided if it’s worth my time…

I personally think that DD should be sending construction clients etc to the members of DD who are already paying for their service! Why send it out to DB where they charge hundreds of dollars and pay a pilot less than $100 most of the time! Not a cool move by DD by any means!!


I agree, why do I want to support a service that is in direct competition with myself and the reason I purchase and use dronedeploy?