Want to start a drone business

Hello everyone,

I am drone operator from EU and I do only video&photo jobs for clients, but this is very saturated market here (I guess everywhere) and I think it is time to move on.

I used trial DroneDeploy and I think the app is amazing. It seems very easy and intituitive. I made 3D model out of 500 photos of my school and I was really surprised how good and accurate it was.

I find options in DroneDeploy amazing. You can measure, you can count the plants etc. and I love it.

DroneDeploy is a great solution for construction, agriculture people THEMSELVES and the question is:

How do you provide your services using DroneDeploy to your clients? Do they need to have DroneDeploy subscription as well? Do you provide some reports only to your clients?

I would like to start, but I am a bit confused as the pricing is at this moment too high for me.


Hi there! And welcome to the DroneDeploy forum. I appreciate you taking the time to post. I think this is a great place for insight and answers from our industry members and drone professionals.

To get started on some of the ways you can use DroneDeploy, you may consider checking out our help center, where we detail each individual offering DroneDeploy has! Some great places to start:

Roof Reporting with Drones
Conducting Inspections with Drones
Ground Capture and Walkthrough ← Not aerial image, but an up and coming market for construction and progress tracking

Hope this helps with some idea for ways to use DroneDeploy.