Looking to start a Facade inspection business


I’m a building surveyor and I’m looking to offer building facade inspections for my clients using a drone. I need the ability to use a lightweight drone capable of carrying (if possible) a high resolution camera. I need a small drone because those big rig commercial drones tends to alarm pedestrians and cause issues on-site. I also need a platform which stitches the photos together and allows to share the imagery with my clients.

I’m new to the drone industry and I’ve been trying to educate myself on the products available, but I’m more confused than ever. So if someone can share me any advice on which drone, camera, control app, and photo stitching & sharing platform to use, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!


For facade inspection I would look at SiteScan or Drone Harmony. DroneDeploy does not have all the necessary modes as of now. You will also want to look into augmented GPS for flight control so that you don’t have to worry about getting off course because of the drone’s GPS limitations.

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Thanks MichaelL for your quick response!

Which specific modes does DroneDeploy lack that I would need? As for the “Augmented GPS”, is that a feature found in the drone itself or on the control platform?

Thank you!

They do not have a vertical grid or orbital spiral. The images that come from these can be good for the model, but are more important for documentation and review because they are the full resolution. DroneDeploy also does not have an interface for viewing full resolution non-map images. At the same time though, I don’t know of other DroneDeploy competitors that do. Look at EasyInspect and Scopito. There is a Scopito app in the market, but I believe that is just a gateway to sync data to a Scopito account. I just put them in a folder and then do an overlay of the panorama I created with a grid and numbers that correspond to the photo name. Same thing with roofs from the nadir photos.