Are you a drone service provider using DroneDeploy?

Does anyone on here use DroneDeploy as a drone service provider for multiple clients? How do you “deliver” the end product to the client? To me it just seems weird to ask your client to go and register for a free account on DroneDeploy in order for them to see what you have charged them for. It seems to me that DroneDeploy does not cater for “service providers” but mainly the corporate end users. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I am a service provider as well Tony. I diwnload the exports to my clients space of my bussiness google drive. The 3-D model and annotated models are hosted on, which only requires them to have tr link that I probide, no signup required.

Branding and maintaining value on deliverables is what keeps me from sending them to DD. I love the service and deliverbles, just not the platform for sharing with clients :slight_smile:

Thanks @dragonflyAS I am glad I am not the only one. Hopefully with the drone industry opening up DroneDeploy will consider more of the service providers in their offering. I am going to try something that I will post here for your input when I am done. Thanks for your response.

When I am in front of a real computer, not on my mobile, I will send a link to some “generic” stuff that I have.

I’d like to see the generic stuff and how you do it as well please. Thanks

@dragonflyAS This is what I have been playing around with
Not sure if it is possible to switch off the “DroneDeploy would like to know your location” otherwise I might just export and upload the image.

Great examples. Good job! Thanks for sharing.