DP starting waypoint Erases path's?

**Summary of Issue:

I was mapping a multi battery mission 6 batteries on p3p the same mission i mentioned in my previous posts.

I wanted to change the waypoint starting point closer to myself so i did just that in DP. As soon as i changed the waypoint starting point, DP seemed to be erasing some of the waypoints, noticable by looking at some of the waypoint path/slines being dotted where they were solid before. Why is it doing this ? I just simply wanted to start at a different waypoint.

Will it actually fly all the lines including the dotted ones it made during the actual mission or is there something wrong with the software ?

I just want to say so far DP works for me, except for the issues mentioned here and in my other posts so will give it a try for a month or so, however these issues must be fixed because over time it will annoy me too much forcing me to change over to different surveying software.

Really hope these bugs can be fixed as i’d like to continue to use the software in the long term.

**Date Issue Began: last week

**Drone Model: P3P

Mobile Device Model and OS version: samsung s5 android 5

DroneDeploy App Version: V 2.77.0

No, by moving the start point you are effectively dropping the early waypoints and will only be flying from where you start and onwards. The dashed lines are what DD are telling you have either already been carried out or are going to be ignored.

Hello @CeeJay You can change your starting waypoint by manipulating the flight direction. This should be able to change the start position waypoint.

Thanks, and please do reach out if you have any more questions.