Starting from a different waypoint

Summary of Issue: I was in the middle of a flight today when the drone decided to return to me. I am guessing it had calculated it would not complete the flight with the battery that remained. I swapped out the battery and reconnected - but the flight plan failed to load and gave an error.

I did some testing and worked out that unless I selected waypoint 1 as the starting point the flight plan would always fail to load. I forget the exact error.

I did get around the issue but wondered if this was a bug ?

**Date Issue Began:23/11/2017 - dont normally do multiple battery flights

**Drone Model:Phantom 4 Pro

**Mobile Device Model and OS version:Ipad 11.0.3 - DD ver 2.60.0

I have had similar happen, but unless it can be repeated or is happening to many people I think it more of a glitch. Can you copy the fail and start from the desired waypoint on the new mission?

I copied the mission, chose a different waypoint (not 1) and still failed. I had to redesign the whole mission just to complete the last bit - not a train smash, just an annoyance.

How about logging out and back in? Hopefully this was an isolated glitch!

Hi @syamaphantom,

Can you share what the error message said and if this issue is consistently reproducible?

Keep me posted,

Could you provide us the id or link to the planned mission which fails on waypoint 1?