DJI FW 01.08 Update

Hi folks, I’m new here and loving this forum. So, today I set out to have a go at my first map - on my free trial. My P3P reported it needed a full update, which I duly carried out, all good. After struggling to try and pre plan my mission offline, I decided to take it out and try it live. Apart from having to keep forcing the Go App to stop, I finally got onto the new mission screen, left the map box alone, set the altitude to 30m, airing on the side of caution and hit the tick. All the checks went to green, tapped the green plane and saw it hang on “mission starting”. It never got past that point, I tried 8 times! Am I doing something wrong, or should I have left the updates? Any clues, advice would be gladly welcomed.

Cheers Tim