Dewarp setting

I’m trying to use DD for photos and have tried turning off dewarp in Pilot then running DD but the pics still have the dewarp on. Is there a way around this so dewarp can be set off until I need it for mapping?

Did you setup the camera, force quit Pilot 2 and then open DroneDeploy. Most people have experienced the opposite where they want dewarp on and it is off by default.

Yep. That is what is messing me up. I set camera to dewarp off, quit Pilot 2, Opened DD and still end up with the rounded blank corners.

Also, everytime I start Pilot 2 the dewarp is still on. Shouldn’t it be remembering the last setting or am I not saving it somehow?

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Dewarp ON removes the black corners. For mapping it should be off and show the black corners for best accuracy. For standard aerials we shoot with it on and remove the vignette.