DD not holding DJI GO configurations

Hello everyone

Its the 2nd time I’m having this issue, maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe its an app issue, but heres what happening:

Before flight I enter DD, plan the flight and set “Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go” and “Set Focus Manually in DJI Go” options on.

Then when I get into field, I enter DJI GO app and set the following parameters:

  • Shutter mode (fixed on 1/1000)
  • ISO fixed on 100
  • Auto white balance, normal color
  • Autofocus

Then I quit DJI GO app, open DD, select the flight plan and fly.

But what I get in the end is not what I’ve set up.
For example, this time I’ve got photos with shutter on 1/1600 and f/2,8, resulting in really dark photos.

Am I doing anything wrong?
Using Android 6.0.1 btw

Hi @couza,

To verify, do you have the “Disable Auto Camera Settings” feature disabled in your DroneDeploy app?


Hello @Christina, thank you for answering me.

I don’t know if that feature is disable, where do I find it?
I just checked my account’s settings and there is nothing like that feature there.

Hi @couza,

My apologies for the confusion. When you’re planning a flight, tap on Advanced, and toggle the “Set Focus Manually in DJI Go” and “Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go” so your settings stick.


Well like I said in the first post,

Is there anything wrong with this procedure?

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Can you share more info about your devices?

  1. Which drone model are you flying?
  2. What is the make and model of your Android device?
  3. Which DroneDeploy app version do you have installed?

I’m flying a P4P
My android device is an Asus Zenfone 2 Laser
And I’m running DD version 2.64.0

Hi @couza,

Please note that your device is not listed on our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) page, which means that we do not regularly test on your mobile device to verify that it will work with DroneDeploy. There is no guarantee that your device will or should work with DroneDeploy. With that being said, I’ve shared your information with our team for investigation but cannot guarantee a solution since your mobile device is unsupported.

I would also suggest updating your app to the latest version in the Google Play Store. We’re currently on 2.66.0 for Android devices.


Well ok, thank you for your attention.

I’ll try to find a way to update the app.

Hi @couza,

Let me know if the app update resolves your issue. Our latest app update should help with the problem you reported. :slight_smile:


Hello Christina,
I’ve been using DD for a year with android Note 9. The manual settings always worked for me but I desperately missed the manual flight mode feature that isnt included in the android app.

I recently purchased a new ipad pro 11" 2020 and downloaded DD. Testing it for the first time yesterday the manual settings did not work. DD gave me auto exposure and a slow shutter speed resulting in not sharp photos. While still on site I switched back to the Note 9 and manual settings worked.

How can I resolve manual exposure not working in DD on the ipad?

Thanks, Bob

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Are you using aperture priority in the DJI GO app? I highly recommend using this to set your camera settings.

It would be interesting to know if this a later version of DD issue. I’m using V4.4.2 with an 11” 2020 and rely on manually focusing in Go4. That definitely works - I used it a couple of days ago.

The exposure toggle was last tried 5-6 weeks ago and that was working then also.

Is it just exposure that’s playing up, or is it both the exposure and focus toggles that don’t appear to be working in the current version?

I just had a mission that I created in the field default to a Mavic 2 Pro which we have clarified on another thread and it had Set Exposure Manually in advanced settings toggled on. The map came out poor because I just had another flight in DJI Go where I had special settings configured that were not conducive to mapping. Needless to say, thank God I have ACDSee because that would have been 5 hours wasted.

Hi Sam, aperture priority is at high risk of motion blur if the shutter adjusts too low. Shutter priority is much preferred.

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I can’t help Bob, sorry. But I can confirm that settings applied in GO and switching to DD stick on ios in DD v.3x At least when using a P4P.

Dave it is a give take situation. I totally understand where you are coming from but I always evaluate the lighting conditions before starting the mission and make sure I have a shutter speed above 1/400 (also depends of flight speed). The main reason I like to use aperture priority is to collect markings on PT Decks. f2.8 just doesn’t bring them in clear enough for what I am doing. Generally speaking I try to keep shutter above 400 and aperture above 4-5ish.

If it works for you, Sam, then all is good. For me, 90% of the time there is simply too much variation in the sky and areas going from open ground to areas of 100’ tall conifers (shadow) to be able to predict that the shutter speed won’t fall below an acceptable level for height / ground speed. I would just be careful recommending aperture priority as the best solution unless the sky and shadow areas are absolutely not going to be an issue.

Pacific Northwest my man, I frequently fly on cloudy or rainy days. The big one’s where this will have a huge effect and screw you are the super sunny days which unfortunately we don’t get often enough :frowning:

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NW Washington for me, so same same I guess. What drone do you fly and generally how high that f2.8 doesn’t provide enough detail?