Decimated Point Clouds



@Jamespipe @Yusuf, I have been noticing that the “max” point clouds I am downloading are very reduced. I have noticed for a while that they may be “optimized”, but it does not seem right that a 126ac site that Pix4D produces 40m points for on medium settings should be 8m according to DroneDeploy… Is it of your opinion that this is true optimization and not affecting the accuracy?



Just ran the latest map in Pix4D… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi Michael - are you processing in Structures or Terrain mode?
Structures will give you at least 4x points of Terrain.

Our testing shows we have a much cleaner point cloud than Pix4D in Structures mode. i.e. fewer points, but every point has at least 4 views, so they are particularly clean and accurate.

Let me know if you find otherwise and I will investigate for you with the computer vision team.

Many thanks,


Hi @Jamespipe! I typically process in terrain as that is my primary subject, but I am not clear on what structure mode would do to a civil model? Should I run everything in structure if I am interested in the most detail?