DD Android app v2.0.11

OK, 2.0.11 just not working for me I’m afraid with a P3 Standard. Very difficult to get any connection at all, then is says ‘USB Connected - waiting for Drone’ which is meaningless as I’m connecting to the P3S by wifi. Also, was then was no longer able to connect using the DJI Go app. Uninstalled DroneDeploy, still can’t connect with DJI Go. Uninstalled and reinstalled DJI Go and now I can connect again. I have a nasty feeling that DroneDeploy 2.0.11 messed up my DJI Go connection.

Hi Ruyton,
I have the same problem with my Inspire 1 I ended up separating the 2 apps on 2 different devices.

Im using my Samsung 10” tablet for DJI Go and my Samsung phone for DroneDeploy.

Its not ideal … But im up and running.


Thanks Howard, I’ll give that a try. Moto G3 phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

I think that DD 2.0.11 is somehow ‘taking over’ the device and stopping the DJI Go app connecting.

OK, I think that I might be making progress here - and there may be ‘finger trouble’ issues here from me!

Having looked at this again in the cold light of day, the problems I was having with DD v2.0.11 and DJI Go on my Android Moto G3 phone MIGHT have been because the wifi connection pop-up required another action ‘Do you want to connect to this wifi that doesn’t have an internet connection’ or similar message.

Anyhow, DJI Go, Litchi and DD uninstalled and DD 2.0.11 reinstalled. Phone rebooted. Remote and P3S started, phone connected to Phantom wifi and DD run and connected without any problems. All pre-flight checks passed. It’s too windy to fly at the moment, but I have no doubt that DD will operate normally.

DD updated on Samsung Galaxy Tab A from 2.0.6 to 2.0.11. DJI go and Litchi both ‘force stopped’. Remote and P3S started, tablet connected to Phantom wifi and DD run and connected without any problems.

So, it looks like 2.0.11 is good on both the phone and the tablet.

DJI Go and Litchi both tested on the tablet and they work OK too. I make sure that the other apps are closed before running and sometimes the drone needs a power cycle to bring the video feed up, but all seems to be OK.

I’ll try putting DJI Go and Litchi back on the phone and see if they play nice with DD. I suppose trying to sort out the connection problems at midnight after a long day wasn’t the best plan if action!