DD 1.01 app - difficulty connecting to Inspire 1 & Drone Deploy servers

Today I had significant difficulty with initial connections for each of my 3 flights.
The app would take a very long time trying to connect to the Drone Deploy servers (requiring an app restart once).
It then would try to synchronize all the routes with each restart (it would be nice if there was a simple revision timestamp that could be checked quickly, rather than what I assume is much more data flow on every app start). In this circumstance, there were no changes from the DD server side for the whole day, and between restarts, no change in data on the app side.

Finally, twice through this it had a difficult time connecting to my Inspire. This is despite the remote control having a good connection, with me standing ~ 2 metres away facing the drone, no metallic objects nearby, and few sources for potential interference in the vicinity. (& KP index 1). Eventually after multiple restarts of the Drone, remote, and app, it eventually connected. (DJI Go was not running on my phone, nor were any apps other than DD)

I have DD 1.01 running on a nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 (with the latest Mat 1, 2016 security patch). This is connecting to a DJI Inspire I with current stock firmware (I believe and the standard X3 camera.